The Way I See Life

April 25, 2012 at 1:21 pm Leave a comment

Life is an undying cycle. It is a battle of survival. If you quit then you’re a loser, if you fall then stand up, for if you keep complaining about the miseries of your life, nothing will happen. Life would sometimes be favourable for you but most of the times it throws heavy stones and painful thorns.

Is life tough? For me, hell it is! Life started at the moment of conception and would end as our hearts shed its last beat and it is a long run for us to surpass and overcome those stones and thorns. Life is matter of choice, choice if we should go left even if the arrows tell us to go right and to go up even when t he barriers above tell us to just stay below. Life is sometimes, or should I say is always a tortuous pathway, there is always these crossroads that scares the shit out of us. Life, as they may say, is an unending LABYRINTH for which when you started walking you never should stop. Along the way you would meet and hug sorrows, frustrations victory and all that. But as I may say, it is only a straight path with only rights and lefts. The choice is all in our hands to decide which way to go. GOD gave us every reason to succeed but why is it that almost everyone is still failing. GOD gave us every reason to walk ahead straight but why almost everyone had lost their way. Because as they walk the seemingly straight road anger, getting-even, hatred, pain and even jealousy had filled-up their minds so it was like this “they are walking along blind-folded” and it is when they lose their way.
Struggles are GOD given. We were born with it hence we should live with it. Struggles ought to make us learn and tough inside and out though we have to always protect our vulnerability but we should never fear to show our emotions because it might disguise who we really are. Some had given up, some had almost killed themselves and some just did because they just don’t even know how to handle things.

Life is painful yet it is blissful. Since the dawn of everything, life still keeps on surprising us and we should never get surprised, we should expect the worst of everything. We should never let anyone ruin our vulnerability because this is where we protect ourselves from any harm that anybody might be inflicting us. Struggles should never ever ruin our dreams. We should Dream as much as we could, as hard as we could, dream while we are still living, we should never give up dreaming because it is just one of the few things that we can carry on our grave. Another chapter might end as we write another chapter of our life, but always bear in mind that much has yet to be written and our book is far from ending.


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