Letting Go and Moving On

May 13, 2012 at 10:20 am Leave a comment

“When i was younger i always believe that the sun, the stars and the moon were the ones who are following  me but when i grew up i found out that it was me”

I am a wide-eyed wanderer. I always enjoy life. I always live it the way it should be but sometimes there are rough roads and i should get through it. I remember when i was younger; when i was just learning how to walk i always fall. As a child i always cry because it is too painful and sometimes i even got bruised. My mom always lend her hands to me, she keeps on saying that i can do it.

At first i don’t want to let go of her hands but she said that i will not learn if i won’t let go. It is only when i grew up that I’ve understood what she told me.

“We should learn the art of letting go”

As we move, as we travel the road of life, there are times that we will stumble and fall, but we should stand. One day someone will dump us but eventually someone will just make another meaning to our lives. Only then that we would know, there would be things we thought we own but actually we never really did.

Letting go and holding on. Two of the most frequently heard issues in life and love.

As what i always said, GOODBYE is the most painful word. But how come it is called as goodbye. Is there such thing as goodbye? If there is any, is there someone who actually said goodbye in the most acceptable way? Maybe there is actually a way on how to say it, hhhmmm? Will we ever learn how to say it well? Goodbye is one of the words that i never wanted either to say or to hear. But there would always be one time in our life that even if we don’t want to say goodbye, we will. We will always be hearing goodbyes to anyone. To our friend who will have to take another road in life, our family who will eventually be taken away from us and to our things we borrowed from him. When we let go, we should be strong. We should always bite at its brighter side. Just come to think that GOD will always be taking away something from us because he has something better to give. With letting go we should grow as a person. We never should waste our lives just because someone bid farewell.

With letting go we should learn to hold on. We should bear in mind that everyone has their own fate and that someone will always have to say goodbye. We should face it not to conceal it. Yes! Our friends and our families will leave us thus it should be when we would learn how to hold on. We should hold on not with the thoughts that we still have them but with the memories we built with them.

Moving on is a different story. If we never wanted to forget memories with someone then we should hold on but if we are more than willing to forget them that would only be the time that we should move on.


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