Questions of a Coward

May 18, 2012 at 4:52 pm Leave a comment

-Disclaimer, this is just an unpublished post, it doenst mean anything personal. haha yeah it does but that was ages ago ^_^


I’m afraid of falling then evetually be falling apart.

I’m afraid of getting back into whole then be broken back again into pieces.

Why am i so vulnerable?

why am i so fragile with my emotion?

why am i emotionally weak?

how can i possibly protect myself?

why am i too scared to be acquainted with people?

why am i afraid of falling for them?

here i am again, falling for someone. i am now weighing things and trying to balance them all but the other end seemed to be a bit heavier. am i just too acquainted with my comfort zone? am i too sensitive?

but who could blame a firefly longing for the warmth of its cage, the sense of security that is actually in it?

can this early beginning end too soon?

im sick and tired of winning the battles i never fought for! i am damn fucking tired of protecting my unshielded comfort zone!


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Just Move On Too Afraid

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